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Harmony Entertainment
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Welcome to Harmony Entertainment

About Us

  • • Harmony Entertainment has been in existence since the year 2006. It all started by providing sound equipment for hosting crusades, talent shows, weddings and promoting local artists. We have grown faster in the field of professional sound, stage and lighting equipment rental.
  • • We are based in Pretoria, but we are delivering our services anywhere in South Africa even to the most remote places. We are continually striving to enhance our quality and service. Our aim is to keep our client base satisfied, happy and to attract more.
  • • Our equipment is of a professional level and we have a variety of solutions to meet the different budgets. Our team is well trained to provide the specified solutions according to the needs of the clients.
  • • To grow more into supplying audio visuals for indoors and outdoors functions for this will create more employment for ordinary members of the public.
  • • To empower our employees with knowledge and skills through ongoing training and development



• Sound reinforcement
• Indoor and Outdoor Concert sound systems
• Conferencing multi-miking
• Band Backline Equipment
• Stage monitoring
• Specialized sound team

We have a wide range of sound systems to suite any event whether it is a presentation, concert, party, launch, wedding, dinner function or gospel event. We also offer custom audio packages that include exactly what you need and exclude what you don't. Even our entry level audio systems are available for the people to use.

For large venues we can supply line array speaker systems. These are flown systems and they provide a more controlled and efficient coverage. Our JQS LA10, ND10 and W10 systems are suitable for a multitude of indoor and outdoor venues where thousands of people are catered for.

Our products include a wide range of band backline and DJ gear so that every performer's needs are met. Our broad range of hire stock includes mixing consoles, microphones, processors, snakes and etc


We offer lighting to make your events memorable and fascinating. Most events necessitate the use of some form of lighting. The proper application of lighting does a lot more than just to improve visibility. It can be used to create different moods, effects and add impact. In drama and musical applications it can add emphasis of certain objects or people and also it can make the show more attractive. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your event with the effect of lighting.


We are offering rigging to ensure efficient and safe flying of equipment. Sound or audio system is suspended from structures above, thereby increasing better coverage and control.

Video equipment including screens and projectors can also be installed via rigging. Benefits include that of using less floor space and less possibility of a disturbance to the projector or interference with the projected image. The added height from suspending screens can also increase their viewable distance and the impact that they have.



Erecting a stage is a challenging exercise and therefore cannot be taken for granted. The Harmony staging and structural team apply a consistent expertise and ability of workmanship in any area, from small venues to stadiums and arenas.

Live Band and DJ

Our versatile live band is able to uplift the crowd and to entertain it to its best ability. We are playing different genres from jazz, African, R&B, soul, house, gospel and etc. As a standard service we also provide a variety of background music between or before/ after sets.

A variety of DJ's are also available suitable for any event ranging from weddings to corporate functions.


Contact Us

Contact Details
Address: 320 Pretorius Str, Pretoria CBD
Call Us: 012 752 7378
Fax: 086 537 0172
Email us: info@harmonyent.co.za
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